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Engineering meets photography


Shortly when I started making photos people arround me told me that I had the talent and skills to be more than that guy with a camera. Thats why I started four years ago Tulimedia to make my hobby more professional. At this moment I can say that I am quite successful with it. Making photos for clients as Ajax life, Le Champion and Orange Pictures gives me a lot of responsibility, energy, creativity, devotion and let me work with deadlines which also reflects on my daily work at Endress+Hauser. Photography still feels as a hobby but as a Professional. Last year I also started a cooperation with friend and colleague Ronald Huiberse a business together “It takes 2 Fotografie”. With the oneliner “Two photographers see more than one” we are challenging each other with making photos at weddings, business presentations and events.

As I wrote photography is my freelance parttime job. My day-to-day job at Endress+Hauser gives me also a lot of energy which I can reflect on my photography.
For now more than ten years at Endress+Hauser I have learned to focus on customer requirements help them searching for the best solution in their application. I am doing my work with a lot of passion, responsibility. For now 5 years I am working for EPC companies where I have gathered a lot knowledge about smaller and bigger projects and working for lots of different end-users.

I hope that I will be able to double my time at Endress+Hauser for now and that my photography skills will grow for the next years.
This is the reason that I am successfull as a sales engineer at Endress+Hauser and as a photographer. It is also a privilege that my family gives me the opportunity to have my own business work for Endress+Hauser and that I can combine the three most important things in my life, family, work and hobby.